Here, Now and Down the Road… Tips for Loving Parents
Strengths-based Parent Education

Here, Now and Down the Road…Tips for Loving Parents is a strengths-based parent education program designed to promote the resilience of children ages three to eight. Here, Now and Down the Road works to foster positive relationships between parents and children and offers strategies that help parents support their children’s social-emotional development and healthy decision-making. While Here, Now and Down the Road was developed as a companion program to
Al’s Pals: Kids Making Healthy Choices, the program also benefits parents whose children do not receive Al’s Pals.


Here, Now and Down the Road works to foster positive relationships between parents and their children.

Here, Now and Down the Road enhances parents’ skills to help children:

  • Express feelings appropriately
  • Use self-control
  • Feel valued and special
  • Calm down
  • Develop creativity
  • Solve problems
  • Become meaningfully involved in family life
  • Avoid harmful substances

How It Works

Here, Now and Down the Road . . . Tips for Loving Parents consists of 13 interactive modules, lasting 45 minutes each. Wingspan-trained parent educators create a relaxed learning environment and lead parents through carefully designed activities that generate discussion and exploration of parenting and family life.

Here, Now and Down the Road recognizes the uniqueness of each family and helps parents transfer classroom learning to their particular “real life” daily parenting. As parents gain an understanding of resilience and protective factors, they also explore how these concepts can be applied to their own family life, in practical and personal ways. Parents leave Here, Now and Down the Road sessions feeling more connected to their children and optimistic about their own parenting abilities.

While modules are designed to be delivered as part of an on-going parenting class, they can be conducted as “stand-alone” presentations. The flexibility of the program makes it easy for parents to benefit from any session they attend, whether or not they are able to participate in the entire curriculum.

Hands-on Training for Parent Educators

Training of parent educators is provided by Wingspan, the developer and national distributor of Here, Now and Down the Road. The two-day training is required for all parent educators who will deliver the program. Due to the interactive and experiential nature of the curriculum, it is recommended that two parent educators receive training to co-facilitate the program.

Parent educators from a wide variety of professions and backgrounds deliver the program, including:

  • Social workers
  • Family involvement specialists
  • Guidance counselors
  • Prevention staff and others

The training combines curriculum information with opportunities to explore the modules and practice delivery techniques. Parent educators appreciate the hands-on nature of the training.

Training topics for parent educators include:

  • HNDR curriculum goals, framework and adult learning approaches
  • Exploration of resilience, risk and protective factor research and the application of these concepts to daily family life
  • Parenting strategies that promote the positive social and emotional development of young children
  • The effective use of experiential learning approaches to advance participant learning
  • How to manage difficult participants or situations, and transform these challenges into learning opportunities

For a group of parent educators who previously participated in Al’s Pals training, special arrangements for one-day Here, Now, Down the Road training may be available. Contact an Outreach Specialist to make arrangements.

Comprehensive Curriculum Materials for Parent Groups

Here, Now and Down the Road curriculum materials are available for use only by those who complete Wingspan’s training. Curriculum materials include:

  • An extensive trainer’s manual of 13 experiential modules, complete with instructional narratives, engaging group activities, take-home practice reminders, and feedback cards
  • Seven original songs on cassette or CD
  • Reproducible masters of parent handouts (also available in Spanish)
  • Resilience and protective factors posters (also available in Spanish)

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