Wingspan Workshops

Workshops are tailored to meet the needs of program staff and can range from 1 hour to day-long sessions. We offer face-to-face as well as online formats. Trainers have extensive experience and expertise in providing professional development for early education professionals. A sampling of topics are listed here. Workshops on other topics are available.  Contact us for more information.

  • Understanding and Preventing Bullying in Young Children – Expands understanding of bullying behavior, how educators can intervene, and what to do to prevent bullying behavior.
  • Building Social-Emotional Skills – Shares research-based approaches that teach children to use self-control, stop and think, express strong feelings appropriately, care about others, and resolve conflicts peacefully.  These effective strategies create more cooperative and caring classrooms.
  • Caring and Connecting – Highlights research showing the benefits of warm, caring adult-child relationships for young children’s positive development. Offers approaches that can be easily incorporated into daily interactions that improve this critically important indicator of quality care.
  • Young Children Can Learn to Solve Problems – Provides a 5-step process that adults can use to guide children to solve their own problems.
  • Challenging Behavior: What’s Behind the Behavior and How Can You Help? – Enhances understanding of when challenging behavior is beyond what is developmentally typical for young children.  Discusses characteristics of ADHD, autism, and social communication disorders.  Shares strategies for developing an intervention plan to support positive behavior.
  • Eat Well and Get Moving – Effective, fun strategies including games, activities, movement, and stories that teach the importance of active play and healthy eating. The 5-2-1-0 model recommended by health experts serves as a foundation for teaching children about developing a healthy lifestyle.