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Training Options


Al’s Pals Core Curriculum Training

The Al’s Pals core training is offered in two formats: 1) face-to-face training conducted over two days or 2) live, online training consisting of four sessions, each lasting approximately three hours, scheduled over a period of several weeks.  Both options are available for individuals and groups.  National Outreach Specialists are available to discuss training options most suitable for your setting.


Face-to-Face Training:

Face-to-face two-day training sessions are available for individuals as well as large groups.

Online Training:

Live, online training allows schools and organizations to obtain Al’s Pals training for individuals or small groups.

  • Open enrollment online training sessions consist of a group of participants from locations nationwide.
  • Private online training can be arranged for a school or center that has its own group of up to 15 people.

Each participant needs access to a computer with stable internet access.  Wingspan provides each participant with a headset, allowing them to converse with the trainer and other participants, and ask and respond to questions.  The interactive sessions involve structured learning activities using white board, chat, discussion, music, and video.  Participants are asked to complete short assignments between training sessions to support the learning process.  Contact Wingspan for more information.

Al’s Pals Refresher and Advanced Training

Three-hour training sessions are available for educators who have previously completed the core Al’s Pals training and currently use Al’s Pals. Click here for training descriptions.  Contact us to schedule training.

Here, Now and Down the Road Training

The two-day Here, Now and Down the Road training is offered either regionally or on-site by Wingspan.  Parent educators are required to attend training in order to receive curricula materials.  A group of parent educators who have previously participated in Al’s Pals training can make special arrangements for a one-day, on-site Here, Now and Down the Road training.  Contact an Outreach Specialist to discuss this option.

Al’s Caring Pals Training

Local Al’s Caring Pals facilitators participate in a two-day training to prepare them to conduct educational sessions with home-based child care providers.  The training is offered either regionally or on-site by Wingspan.  Al’s Caring Pals materials are distributed to the facilitators upon completion of the required training. Contact  Wingspan for more information.

Planning Your Training Budget

Training costs vary depending on whether you host an on-site training, travel to attend an open training already scheduled, or participate in an online training.  We encourage you to contact Wingspan to discuss your plans and receive an accurate budget estimate before you submit a proposal to your funding source.