Protective Factors

Wingspan programs focus on cultivating protective factors in the lives of young children by enhancing the abilities of adults who work with and care for them. Through Wingspan training and curriculum content, educators, parents, and child care providers learn practical strategies to increase positive characteristics in the environment that buffer children from negative influences and lead to more favorable outcomes.

Adults learn specific ways to intentionally embed protective factors at home, school, and in child care settings, creating environments that are safe and predictable, reflect clear norms, hold high expectations, engage children in meaningful ways, and involve children in decision-making. Wingspan approaches help adults learn more effective communication, nonjudgmental support and caring, and validation skills. Parents, child care providers, and educators expand their abilities to facilitate children’s brainstorming, encourage their creativity, and guide problem-solving. By building skills in children and adults, Wingspan’s comprehensive prevention programs lead to real and lasting change.