Diverse Program Settings for Here, Now and Down the Road

Typical Settings

Here, Now and Down the Road is flexible, interactive, and requires very little reading or writing by the parent participants. Consequently, parents with varying education levels or limited English language proficiency benefit from the program. The modules are organized for easy translation in delivery to non-English speaking audiences. Here, Now and Down the Road is most typically used in the following settings:



  • public and private elementary schools
  • Head Start programs
  • mental health centers
  • child care centers
  • faith-based and other community settings


Innovative Settings

Here, Now, Down the Road’s flexible nature and practical application of resilience and protective factors research to build adult skills has led to an increasing use of the program in innovative settings. Parents living outside the home and other adults providing care for children benefit from the broad skill-building and relationship-enhancing aspects of Here, Now and Down the Road. Some of the diverse settings and groups that are using the program include:

  • substance abuse treatment centers
  • pediatricians
  • homeless shelters
  • family home child care providers
  • prisons

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