Findings Show Improved Parent-Child Relationships

Evaluation studies indicate that parents who participate in Here, Now and Down the Road show increased confidence in their ability to make a positive difference in their own children’s lives and are more likely to express positive beliefs about their children’s futures. Upon completion of the program, parents are more appreciative and understanding of their children’s strengths and needs, report improved relationships with their children, and mutual respect. Program participants report increased frequency with which they demonstrate caring towards their children, actively encourage their children in problem-solving, involve their children in day-to-day family decisions, and discuss safe and healthy choices with their children.

Evaluation Services to Measure Local Impact

To assess the effectiveness of local implementation of Here, Now and Down the Road, Wingspan provides an evaluation services package that includes:

  • Instruments for parents to complete for pre- and post-testing
  • Data entry
  • Analysis of data by an independent researcher
  • An evaluation report by an independent researcher

Please contact a National Outreach Specialist for more information about Wingspan evaluation services.

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