Here, Now and Down the Road Overview

Here, Now and Down the Road…Tips for Loving Parents is a strengths-based parent education program designed to promote the resilient development of young children. Wingspan-trained parent educators create a relaxed learning environment and lead parents through interactive modules that help them apply the concepts learned to their own family life, in practical and personal ways.

Here, Now and Down the Road:

  • Fosters positive, caring relationships between parents and their children
  • Offers strategies that help parents support their children’s social-emotional development
  • Helps parents acquire and model for their children the use of self-control, brainstorming, creativity, and problem-solving
  • Enhances parents’ abilities to listen to their children, set expectations for their children, and involve their children in meaningful ways in home life
  • Helps parents equip their children with skills to deal with difficult life situations in safe and healthy ways
  • Promotes parents’ optimism about their abilities to build a bright future for their children

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