Bringing Al’s Caring Pals to Your Community

Al’s Caring Pals is typically sponsored by agencies or organizations committed to supporting quality home-based child care services in their community.  Organizations likely to assume leadership in an Al’s Caring Pals initiative include:

    • Child Care Resource and Referral Organizations
    • Social Services Agencies
    • Prevention Programs
    • Mental Health Agencies
    • Early Childhood Education and Care Coalitions
    • Cooperative Extension Offices
    • Community-building Organizations

A “sponsor” coalition or organization for Al’s Caring Pals may assume responsibility for:

    • Bringing together a group of interested home-based child care providers
    • Securing or providing funding for Al’s Caring Pals training and materials
    • Designating local facilitators to complete Wingspan’s required training on effective implementation of Al’s Caring Pals
    • Coordinating and hosting training sessions for home-based child care providers
    • Providing monitoring phone calls or visits to support provider skills
    • Coordinating evaluation of the Al’s Caring Pals initiative

Wingspan Technical Assistance and Support

National Outreach Specialists offer free consultation services to facilitate bringing Al’s Caring Pals to the home-based child care providers in your community and supporting ongoing successful implementation. Wingspan staff is prepared to help:

    • Identify local partners
    • Educate others about Al’s Caring Pals
    • Identify potential funding
    • Develop an implementation plan that fits your setting
    • Strengthen grant proposals
    • Troubleshoot implementation challenges
    • Conduct local evaluation
    • Answer questions

Potential Funding Resources

Al’s Caring Pals qualifies for funding in a variety of categories for both public and private grants including:

    • Quality Improvement
    • School Readiness
    • Social-Emotional Learning
    • Substance Abuse Prevention
    • Violence Prevention
    • Child Abuse Prevention
    • Life Skills Development
    • Workforce Development

Contact a National Outreach Specialist to discuss how Al’s Caring Pals can meet your community’s needs and explore funding possibilities.

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