Building children’s resilience – their capacity to overcome adversity and continue a positive life journey – is at the heart of all Wingspan work. Wingspan programs foster both the personal traits of resilience and the nurturing environments children need to overcome difficulties and fully develop their talents and capabilities.

Wingspan reaches children across varied geographic, racial/ethnic, and economic groups by applying the rich resilience research base to practical programs for home, school, and community settings. Each Al’s Pals lesson, Al’s Caring Pals activity card and Here, Now and Down the Road session helps children develop resilience related skills in the areas of social competence, problem-solving, autonomy, and a sense of purpose and future. Educators, parents, and child care providers learn how to provide opportunities for children to practice and generalize these skills, and integrate them into their daily behavior, preparing them to handle life’s challenges. As adults intentionally build protective factors into the classroom, home or child care setting, they create more nurturing, cooperative, and safe environments that help children reach their full potential.