Bullying Prevention

Al’s Pals: Kids Making Healthy Choices and Al’s Caring Pals: A Social Skills Toolkit for Home Child Care Providers address and prevent bullying behavior. Bullying – deliberate and repeated efforts to harm or intimidate others – and the peer rejection that often accompanies this antisocial behavior are two key risk factors for serious future problems such as violence, school failure, and substance abuse.

Often children who bully have immature social skills, do not handle anger and frustration in acceptable ways, lack empathy for others, and fail to accept responsibility for their actions. Al’s Pals and Al’s Caring Pals help curb bullying behavior by teaching children to express feelings appropriately, control impulses, show empathy, establish friendships, and solve problems peacefully. In an Al’s Pals classroom and an Al’s Caring Pals home, children develop positive responses to peer conflicts. Educators and child care providers create environments that encourage caring, acceptance of differences, kindness, and cooperation – all of which discourage teasing, name-calling, and aggression.

Al’s Pals and Al’s Caring Pals help children who are on the receiving end of bullying by teaching them to assert themselves. Instead of perpetuating bullying by remaining passive, “on-lookers” learn to care about the feelings of others and to not tolerate hurtful behavior. Children who display bullying behavior, as well as those who are victims of it and bystanders, all benefit when they learn more positive social behaviors.