Research Shows Al’s Caring Pals is Effective

Two randomized control studies demonstrate that Al’s Caring Pals: A Social Skills Toolkit for Home Child Care Providers is effective in supporting the healthy social and emotional development of young children.

Improved Prosocial Behavior

Results of a large randomized statewide controlled study of Al’s Caring Pals indicate that children in family home care settings using the program showed statistically greater improvements in their prosocial skills over time than children in the Comparison group. Behaviors measured include children’s appropriate expression of feelings, demonstration of sensitivity towards others, and use of positive methods of interpersonal problem-solving.

Decreased Antisocial and Aggressive Behavior 

Children who participated in Al’s Caring Pals also showed statistically significant reductions in antisocial and aggressive behaviors while Comparison children’s, behaviors did not change significantly. Examples of antisocial and aggressive behaviors that were assessed include kicking, hitting, pushing, teasing, and bullying others.  These findings further substantiated the results of an earlier randomized controlled study which also indicated that children who participated in Al’s Caring Pals showed significant reductions in anti-social and aggressive behaviors.


Evaluation Services to Measure Local Impact

To assess the effectiveness of local implementation of Al’s Caring Pals, Wingspan offers an evaluation services package that includes:

    • Instruments for providers to complete for pre- and post-testing
    • Data entry
    • Analysis of data by an independent researcher
    • An evaluation report by an independent researcher

Please contact a National Outreach Specialist for more information about Wingspan evaluation services.

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