About Wingspan Programs

“In the office today, a kindergarten teacher brought one of her students down for a time out. I was on the phone so I couldn’t deal with him right away. By the time I got off the phone, I heard this sweet little voice singing to himself, ‘take three deep breaths, now count to 5, calm down, calm down, calm down.’ Oh, how I love Al!”

Maria Young, Vice Principal, Ontario, Canada


“I passionately support exemplary programs, in particular those that foster early childhood development. Wingspan and Al’s Pals are definitely leaders in the field and I am privileged to be associated with both!  I recently shared with our Regional Prevention Consultant about Wingspan’s Al’s Pals Coordinators’ Webinar and how beneficial I believed it to be. Wingspan’s use of technology and commitment to ensuring best practices is evident in this effort.  Thank you for providing us this opportunity to enhance our local program delivery. “

Kelly Hill Bulin, Prevention Services Supervisor, Nassawadox, Virginia


Al and his loveable pals, Ty and Keisha, reinforce, at an early age, the importance of prosocial behavior and the dangers of using drugs.  The Al’s Pals programme encourages children to live happy and healthy lifestyles.  Al stands BY and FOR the Department for National Drug Control’s adage which says: “Healthy Communities, No Place for Drugs, Think Health – Not Drugs”

Shavana Wilson, Prevention Officer, Hamilton, Bermuda


A letter to an Al’s Pals preschool teacher from a parent:

“Thank you for making my daughter Alexa feel welcomed and loved every day. We have seen our daughter come out of her shyness state in just a matter of months. Most of all, she loves Al’s Pals and I think this is a big part of why Alexa is coming out more. Thank you to everyone who makes Alexa feel safe and wanted.”

Mrs. Sousa, Parent, Somerville, Massachusetts


Comments from Al’s Caring Pals Facilitators:

“We conducted an Al’s Caring Pals education session last Saturday. On Monday morning I received a call from one of the providers.  She said that she was having a horrible Monday so she decided to try the Calm Down Steps.  This lady was so excited that Al’s Caring Pals worked so well.  I was excited because we are just beginning our training and was happy to know that providers were getting it after the first two lessons.”

“The program is terrific.  If the things that are presented are implemented, the results for the children will be dynamic.”


About Wingspan Training

“I have to say I am so impressed with the online training.  You do a superb job working out any technical difficulties that may arise and keeping everyone engaged throughout the sessions.”

Jane Vasta, Preschool Teacher, Maynard, Massachusetts


 “With travel budgets tight at our agency, I opted to participate in the online Al’s Pals training. I can honestly say this was one of the best trainings in which I have participated! The variety of means to communicate with the trainers — pass the microphone, chat boxes, white board — created a dynamic interactive atmosphere. Great use of our training money!”

Wendy Morgan, Prevention Coordinator, Lexington, Virginia


Comments from Training Participants    

“When I first saw the kit I thought I could do it without the training. But the training made it come alive.”

“I love the paradigm flip. I can’t solve parenting problems. I can share another way to look at parenting issues and that is through protective factors and developing resiliency in children. You have empowered me to do what I love with highly effective tools. I so appreciate this opportunity.”

“The training gave me information about the children and families that we deal with daily. I appreciate the hands-on knowledge that the instructors offered. It felt like they had been in my shoes working with my kids.”

“I was so impressed with the curriculum and the presenters’ excellent facilitation skills. I’m extremely critical about trainings, and this is one of the best I’ve attended. I’m leaving with increased skills and knowledge and a program that is designed to be easy to use and implement. Thank you very much.”

“This is the first time I have been part of a training that actually offers solutions.”