Assistance with the Planning and Implementation Process

Wingspan staff are available to provide support as individuals, schools, and organizations plan for program implementation. We are eager to learn about the needs of each school, center, or organization and provide comprehensive program information tailored to those needs. We will help you:

  • Develop an implementation plan that fits your setting
  • Educate others about Wingspan programs and their impact
  • Identify community partners
  • Identify potential funding
  • Strengthen grant proposals and develop budgets
  • Coordinate training logistics
  • Conduct local evaluation

We are committed to supporting each school or organization throughout the implementation process and to ensuring complete and effective delivery of our programs. A collegial relationship between Wingspan staff and those using our programs often develops and continues throughout the implementation years.

Resource Tools

Wingspan has a number of complimentary resource tools to aid in the planning process, including:

  • Informative full-color booklets
  • An orientation video
  • Planning worksheets
  • Supportive text for proposals
  • List of relevant studies, journal articles, and monographs
  • Professional references
  • Budget worksheets
  • PowerPoint overview for local presentations

For more information about Wingspan programs, for technical assistance to bring our programs to your locality, or to explore funding possibilities, please contact a National Outreach Specialist.