About Wingspan Founder, Susan R. Geller

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Susan Geller founded Wingspan in 1997, in partnership with Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). While at VCU, Ms. Geller directed the development of the nationally recognized early childhood prevention program, Al’s Pals: Kids Making Healthy Choices and the companion parent education program, Here, Now and Down the Road…Tips for Loving Parents.  More recently, she oversaw the development and launch of Wingspan’s newest programs — Al’s Caring Pals: A Social Skills Toolkit for Home Child Care Providers and Healthy Al, Healthy Me, a childhood obesity prevention program.

Ms. Geller holds a Masters Degree in Developmental Psychology from Vanderbilt University. She has dedicated her professional career to providing and developing effective prevention services, resources, and programs for children, educators, care-providers, and families. Ms. Geller manages Wingspan which makes Al’s Pals, Al’s Caring Pals, and the other programs and services available internationally. She conducts professional training and continues to develop educational materials to strengthen young children’s personal, social, and emotional skills for life.

Multi-Disciplinary Development Team

Under the leadership of Ms. Geller, a multi-disciplinary team of experts crafted the Wingspan programs using the resilience research as a foundation. This dedicated team, comprised of professionals with extensive experience in early childhood education, child development, social work, mental health, substance abuse, violence prevention, conflict resolution, and creative expression, worked together to develop meaningful programs that are in touch with the needs of today’s children and families. Throughout the pilot phase the team observed implementation, listened to feedback, and made revisions to improve the programs. Many members of the original development team continue to conduct Wingspan training and develop new services and materials.

Wingspan Trainers

Our cadre of expert professionals who conduct program training represent a broad range of experience in the fields of early childhood education, child development, prevention services, and mental health. Their expertise in social-emotional development, positive guidance of young children’s behavior, and early childhood mental health consultation is incorporated into the training experience.

The trainers’ extensive knowledge of and passion for Wingspan’s programs, services, and curriculae are reflected in training delivery. Wingspan trainers’ effective communication and facilitation skills, combined with their easy-going, approachable manner create a welcoming, participatory learning environment. Trainers understand essential concepts of adult education and how to facilitate the varied learning approaches that comprise Wingspan training programs – preparing participants to integrate the program concepts into demographically varied classroom and family environments.

Outreach Specialists

Outreach Specialists are delighted to consult with educators, administrators, prevention specialists, grant writers, and other school and community professionals who are interested in any of our programs. They are prepared to share information about Wingspan programs, address your organization’s specific needs, support grant proposals and budget development, and answer any questions. Whether you are a superintendent of a large school district, a family child care provider, or an education coordinator, our knowledgeable Outreach Specialists are here to help.

Responsive Administrative Support Team

Before and after you access Wingspan’s services and programs, our proficient administrative staff will assist you in planning, respond promptly to inquiries, help organize successful training sessions, and ensure quality control and accurate, timely order fulfillment. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff make it easy for you to use our programs and receive support whenever it is needed.

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