Healthy Al, Healthy Me

Healthy Al, Healthy Me teaches children ages 3 – 8 about healthy eating and the importance of physical activity.  Using developmentally appropriate strategies that align with the 5-2-1-0  practices, children learn about:

  • everyday foods and special treat foods
  • how active play keeps the heart healthy and builds muscles
  • limiting TV and other screen time
  • the importance of drinking water
  • paying attention to how their body feels


How it Works

The curriculum uses positive “to do” messages rather than cautionary “don’t do” messages. The seven interactive lessons engage children through brainstorming, movement, games, stories, music, and basic scientific discovery. Each lesson lasts 10-15 minutes and includes specific, age-appropriate learning objectives.  Lessons can be delivered once or twice each week.

Engaging, Easy-to-Use Materials

The curriculum kit includes:  healthy-al-healthy-me-453x450

  • an educator’s manual with lessons and follow-up activities.
  • an original, colorful book entitled Al’s Healthy Choices.  The book, featuring puppet character Al and his little bug friend, introduces the core concepts using language that is easy for young children to understand. The book gives clear messages about choosing to eat healthy foods (fruit and vegetables rather than cookies and chips) and to be active (running and dancing rather than playing video games or watching TV).
  • A set of 60 “I Make Healthy Choices” stickers.
  •  Templates for parent letters with suggestions for ways to incorporate the concepts at home

Lesson extensions, free printable downloads, and other online resources provide continuing learning opportunities.

 Program Settings

Healthy Al, Healthy Me is suitable for a variety of settings including school, Head Start, child care, after-school, and other community-based programs. The lessons may be taught on their own or as a supplement to Al’s Pals: Kids Making Healthy Choices or Al’s Caring Pals: A Social Skills Toolkit for Home Child Care Providers.

Family Involvement

Healthy Al, Healthy Me makes it easy for families to reinforce and model the messages of eating healthy food and being active. The program includes letters that can be sent home or emailed offering families simple ways they can work with their children to make healthy choices.


Healthy Al, Healthy Me Overview